The Czech Republic is located on the center of Europe, and its capital dominant city is Prague. Prague is travelling near the Vltava River, and all its famous landmarks including the Old Town Square, Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, and Wenceslas Square is very easy on foot, it’s all just about an hour’s walk. The city is also the center for business and government affairs; it is home to the Czech’s President as well as other governmental institutions and official organizations of the country.

There are about 1.2 million locals residing in its metropolitan area, and because of the city’s continuous development and commercialization, more locals and foreigners choose to stay in the city for good.

During the 14th century, the Holy Roman Emperor ruled and led in this city. It was also Prague’s golden age because at that time the commerce and cultural sector was flourishing. Back then, Prague was one of Europe’s most highly cultured and largest cities. Around the 1800, the city was divided into four separate and fortified towns namely; The Castle Town – where Czech rulers and royal leaders reside for thousands of years; The Little Town – which is just behind the Castle Town, where nobles and aristocrats live to be close to the King; The Old Town, bolstering with its magnificent market square; and lastly The New Town where the grand Wenceslas Square is located, providing a stage for the Czech Republic’s tumultuous 20th century history.

 Prague’s depressing decades of communist control for most residents only feels like a distant memory because the city is now bustling with entrepreneurial energy, excited tourists, and modern day way of living. Everything you see, like one of the famous buildings called The Dancing House which is also known as “Fred and Ginger,” and the vibrant crowd of locals and tourists wandering around the streets seem to celebrate Czech’s freedom.

The city is also a shopping paradise filled with diverse shops and unique boutiques. Walking around Prague’s shopping alleys truly mesmerizes visitors; it also makes a picture perfect photo because of the building’s architecture, old – century like ground, and colorful vibe. It’s also a city flourishing with great lanes that will lead you to uncharted places, and has a plenty of vibrant markets. You’ll feel the medieval vibe as you shop around for food and other fetishes.

Prague is also the mecca for musicians; in fact, Mozart loved that place so much that one of his famous pieces called “Dan Giovanni” debuted in the city. Another great classical musician Anton Dvoraklived and composed most of his famous songs in Prague as well including a symphony called From the New World, American String Quartet, and operas like Rusalka, Humoresque and Songs My Mother Taught Me.

The great thing is that Prague locals continue to carry that musical enthusiasm. You can find several box offices around town that offers a variety of music and recital performances including theater, opera, jazz, and classical. Tickets are very cheap which is why tourists like you shouldn’t miss it for the world. What’s more interesting is that you can choose from many great venues chamber music halls that abound the city.