I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that “when you’re in Rome, do what the Romans are doing,” well this is the perfect time to take that old adage literally.

Romanian’s in general are very polite people; most of them will find a way to communicate to a visitor or a tourist like yourself, even if they don’t speak your language. People, especially the elderly will surely appreciate old – fashioned politeness so you might want to address them as Mr. or Mrs.

Handshaking is the most common gesture when greeting a fellow Romanian. You might want to also bring a gift if ever you are planning to visit an Italian friend. They will surely appreciate small gifts such as a flowers, chocolate or wine.

Rome’s primary language is obviously Italian, but most of them – well at least the younger and middle – age generation – knows how to speak in English. The Roman dialect of varying degree is spoken among the older generations. Some people also speak Spanish, Latin, French and Portuguese since it has some similarities to the Italian language. As mentioned earlier, the city of Rome influenced the modern day society that we have today in many ways. You will definitely see it once you set foot on the city. In fact you can still trace the whole city back to the golden days of the Roman Empire.

If you look at the present day towns, forts and streets of Rome, you will see that this is the same frontier zone of the late empire. The structures, art and architecture of many places, including the materials used to build such monuments like cement, brick, mosaics, glass and wall paintings as well as columns and pillars that can be found in almost every structure in the world are all given to us by Ancient Rome.

A few more examples include the various inventions in the fields of engineering (roads, construction, sanitation), business (trade and commerce, concept of money, employment), government (constitution, laws, leadership), religion (Christianity, churches, the concept of God, rituals), Mathematics (Roman Numerals, Gregorian calendar), Art and Language (European languages, literature, communication, paintings, sculpture, theater), Recreation and Gastronomy (festivals, events, sports, spa, wine production) as well as Logistics, Military, and Transportation. They even invented the concept of marriage/weddings, the idea of contracts; properties, philosophies and almost everything in our way of life today are all rooted in Ancient Rome.

Rome was once the heartbeat of an empire, birthplace of one of the greatest civilizations on earth, it’s the world’s first metropolis inspired by ambition and driven by innovation. Written in stone, its ruins tell a remarkable story of a city and of a people who profoundly changed the world. There’s only one word that could sum everything up about this city: it’s Colossal. Perhaps the city’s greatest feat is its endurance and supremacy that will last for centuries.

This isn’t going to be one of those ordinary trips you may have had in the past, but one thing’s for sure – this is one of those extraordinary trips you will surely remember in the future. The “City of God” is waiting for you!